About us

Fashion Shoes for Fashion People

At Mischief we believe our sole purpose is to make you happy. Happy because you love your very fashionable new shoes, happy because we have made you feel valued and special, happy because we have given you a solution, happy because you have enjoyed the experience and know you will come back to us.

Mischief was founded in 1989 on these beliefs as well as our desire to bring to New Zealand original and exciting selections of the latest European fashion trends. We wanted to make them affordable, and offer genuine value. We made sure fashion shoe shopping was colourful and fun.

We have proudly built our business on these principles one happy shoe shopper at a time. This has cultivated today’s dynamic company culture. These principles motivate our dedicated team of “shoe lovers” to always seek to exceed your expectations, and do so with honesty and integrity.

It’s a fairly simple idea really…

We want to make you a fan… a raving fan.